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Its high time for a modern logo.

Everything changes, and logo design is no exception. While some aspects of logo design remain fairly constant, there are certainly trends that spring up periodically. In the modern digital age, there are a number of trends that we see emerging in logo design.

The first trend that we are seeing is a trend toward minimalism. Companies in every industry are simplifying their logos, paring them down to their most essential elements.

The Starbucks logo began as a fairly ornate one inspired by a wood carving. Today’s logo still has many of the same characteristics, but the logo is rendered in close up and is far cleaner and more modern looking than the old one.

Logos that are cluttered and busy are definitely out of style at this point. Perhaps one reason for the change is that clean logos look better as thumbnails, which are commonly used in digital marketing.

Needless to say, im proud and honored doing this for my school.

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